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Use the attached files as your references to complete reflection 3

In this final reflection, you will write a 360-degree examination of what you learned and where you go from here. To accomplish this examination, you will look inward, outward, forward, and backward. The goal of this final reflection is for you to think about how to make sense of your learning within this course and how to successfully transfer it forward–in other words, how to determine the usefulness of this course. Please begin by thinking about how you might respond to these questions:

Look backward: How did your previous knowledge/experiences/learnings help or hinder your ability to learn and grow in this course? These experiences should be both professional experiences and academic experiences.
Look inward: Why types of risks/challenges/successes have you taken within this course? How have these risks/challenges/successes impacted you as a learner, a writer, and an employer?
Look forward: Where you have you already used the knowledge/experiences/learnings from this course? How might they inform future knowledge/experiences/learnings?
Look outward: (Revisiting the opening reflection and the revision of the opening reflection) What was your goal with getting a master’s degree, and what do you hope that it does for your future? What has it already done for you?
After thinking through these questions, please imagine a job you want in the future, whether it’s a completely different job, a promotion, or a volunteer position. Start this reflection by laying out what that specific job is, why you want that job, and then why you are capable of getting that job (or why you should be hired for the position). In order to respond to this scenario, you will need to be able to respond to and understand the questions above because they guide you towards thinking about your goals (revisiting them again), examining what you have learned and how you know you have learned it, questioning who you are as a learner, a writer, and an employer, and bringing together all of the learning and knowledge from your masters degree.

Length: 3 pages

Audience: Yourself and your instructor

Reflection 3
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