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Up to this point in the semester, you have been presented with various representations of leadership i.e. movie clips, cartoons, quotations, etc.  You then ‘reflected’ on the meaning of the representation in light of the course concepts we are studying that week.  You were instructed to keep in mind the definition of reflection…a thought or opinion resulting from serious thinking or careful consideration… and reminded that reflections are not meant to be summaries of the cartoons, etc. that are presented.  Reflections are about the meaning, the thoughts, the opinions, the connections you make while thinking about that cartoon, etc.

For this reflection, we are turning things on their head… need to find the representation of leadership that you want to reflect about.  You need to select: 1)quotation by famous person or 2)lyrics from a commercial song.  Please include a copy of the item you are reflecting on or an active URL at the end of your paper.

You have wide latitude in what you choose to write about. Here is a list of topics you might choose from:  How do you interpret the item’s meaning?  Have you had a similar experience?  Did the item make you see things from a new perspective?, etc.

Write about anything at all….The only parameter is that you must tie your ‘reflections’ to a topic in Chapter 13 of the text through the use of citations.

Use this opportunity to ‘get creative’ and explore the topic of leadership.

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