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Students will give up, for a period of 14 days or more, something they are addicted to (using common vernacular). Popular ideas from previous classes include caffeine, coffee, video games, social media, alcohol, sweets, and cannabis, but anything you feel you are borderline “addicted” to will work.

It is not necessary be successful in giving up whatever you chose to. Instead, it is important to discuss the experience, any “relapses”, and the thought processes that led to success or relapse. Again, there is no penalty for not being successful, the paper is strictly graded on how you relate the experience to the course material, grammar, and referencing.

Be sure to cover the following points in your paper:

What did you decide to give up?
What did you experience that relates to the text (3 references, three different chapters)?
Body & Conclusion
Based on what you have learned about addiction, were you able to challenge desires?
What did you take away from the experience, both, on a personal level, and as a student, based on what you have learned in this course?
2 pages, double-spaced (approximately 500-600 words)
Cite external sources (if any) in APA format (Links to an external site.).

Reflection paper
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