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Write a proposal paper to the superintendent discussing how ESL should be taught in comparison to a district that does a poor job teaching ESL. Discuss how you have witnessed ESL taught and how effective it is, and add based from your learnings in class what can you propose to be changed in the program to give students a better learning experience.

Must include evidence from text and

Part 1: Introduction
– Student describes and reflects their prior teaching experience in their country explanation of specific political/sociocultural explanations needed here
– Student describes what a typical ESL classroom looked like when they were teaching

Part 2: Applying Theory from Class
Description of the similarities and differences between what they learned in this class and their professional experiences

Student refers to and cites at least 3 theories or strategies discussed in class

Student explains how these theories/strategies can benefit their practice once back in their country/school

Part 3: Conclusion
Student includes 3 practical implications/ insights gained from this reflection for teachers in their country/school.5Student indicates how country/school can adopt these practical implications/insights into their curriculum

I have link to one of the textbooks

Reflection Paper on Teaching English Second Language
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