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Please note: It is a reflective essay, so you can write in 1st person however, think of good ways of starting the sentences avoiding using ‘I’ too many times in text.

Please read the assignment brief uploaded.

Please use critical analysis, do not make it descriptive. Use only peer reviewed 5-6 year old references, preferably journal articles and books.( apart from standards they need to be from 2010) 

Do not write it as a journey.

Please can you write about ‘communication’ it’s a second standard from this document. Specifically focus on how I improved my handover from being 1 st year student knowing nothing and not knowing any tools for handover to being proficient and very confident in handing over my patients using SBAR tool now in my final year. 

Can you please use Gibbs model for reflection if possible. Do not write about what model that is, only that it will be used to write this assignment.

Have a look at my university references guidelines. 

Please reference the NMC Code for confidentiality and staying anonymous throughout the work. Use the NMC code 2018 where possible as it relates to the standard I want to talk about.

Reflective account on my development as a children’s nurse over last 3 years.
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