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Religious Situation

This is the second component of the course project.

Whenever there is a large cultural group located in a particular area, there is usually a predominant religion in that area also. The predominant religion can have many effects on the area. Prepare for this assignment by closely reviewing the materials you have read for the discussions in this unit and by reading pages 15–23, 60–63, and 101–108 from The Evolution of American Urban Society. These readings are related directly to this assignment.

Once you are done with the readings, use them, along with the discussion activities in this unit, suggested Web sites located in the Resources, and additional information you may find on the Internet to answer the following:

  • What is the predominant religion in the urban area you selected?
  • What are two other major religious groups in the area?
  • What were the major religious groups in the past?
  • Have a wave of new arrivals of a particular religion come to the area since 2000? What are the effects and repercussions of these new arrivals?
  • Are there open rivalries between religions in this area? Explain what they are.
  • If there are no religious rivalries in this area, explain why you believe this is so.
  • Evaluate the impact of newly arrived religious groups on the religious groups that were there originally.

You must use APA format for your paper. Citations and resources must also be included and documented properly according to APA format.

Religious Situation
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