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Task: Develop a value proposition for a new venture of anti-aging products. This venture value proposition should identify appropriate fit between product and market and be evidence based. The evidence base should employ desk research (e.g. to observe trends), and potential customer interviews or surveys (e.g. to isolate their needs or problems).
The value proposition should
1. clearly prioritise customer problems/needs/issues and list any alternative solutions currently available;
2. identify targeted customer segments and the characteristics of potential early adopters;
3. articulate a clear and compelling message that reveals a unique value proposition

Outcome: Prepare a Report that outlines the potential of the technology or business concept for your venture that communicates the value proposition and delineates a realistic customer profile. Make your recommendations clear and articulate these based on the conclusions drawn from your investigations and analysis. The report should fully outline the reasons for and rationale underlying this assessment to the reader of the report.

Scope: This is not a full business plan or a developed business model but a comprehensive, yet early stage, elaboration of a business idea/concept that recommends whether the venture (as represented by its value proposition) provides an arguable case to proceed with further development, and elaboration as a complete business development undertaking, and potentially leading to subsequent business start-up activity.

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