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The paper will explore and update the ideas presented in the course as they relate to your chosen profession. Start by exploring the current sociological and psychological influences your field has on our society. Research current practices and the impact they are having on its audiences. Media ethics and responsibilities should be discussed with strong positions taken as to how one should deal with what they present to the masses.

Finally, take a look at the future by exploring how and where new technologies will change the industry and how your profession will develop over your lifetime. Quotes from your career interview (see below) must be included as part of your research in this paper. This paper is not about agreeing or disagreeing but about exploring all sides of a proposed idea. Do not judge but explore possibilities and other peoples ideas. You should also try to apply your ideas to the future of your industry and explore the impact this might have on our culture.

This is a research paper that will present updated or new ideas that develop because of your readings, interview and course lectures and discussions.
This paper must include a bibliography of at least 6 different sources

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is the source, in the Communication Arts Department for format and citation techniques. Note that this technique is somewhat different from the MLA style usually taught in most English classes.

Research Paper
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