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Research Paper & Presentation:  you are to submit a 500 word reflection paper on the film The Company Men, as an example of ethics and corporate culture. This reflection paper is due by June 20, 2019



Option Assignments: students can also complete a 500 word paper on the below topics. This paper will also be presented and discussed in a class discussion. Note: please make your assignment option early in the semester so the instructor can assign a date and time for presentation/discussion


1. MOTIVATION: Create your own motivation theory. Why do you think people do what they do? What do they really want? Why do they work? How can you get them to work? You may draw on the work of theorists or people you interview as long as you cite them. This should be at least 500 words and, if possible, include a graphic model showing how your theory works.


2. LEADERSHIP: Each student will read a book on Leadership and submit a book review. In 500 words give a synopsis of the book (What were the author’s main points?) and a critical review (How was it? What did you learn? Would you recommend it?). In order to prevent duplication, the chosen book must be approved beforehand. If you change your mind, you must have the new book approved. NOTE: Books by John C. Maxwell and Fight Club and Lord of the Flies are not approved.

3. CHANGE: Managing change is the most difficult challenge in management, especially changes in culture. Why? How would you lead change? What steps would you take to implement change? How long should the process take? Read an article, a book, the chapter of a book, or describe a situation with which you are familiar. All authors must be cited. (MLA/APA) 500  words on your own conclusions.

Research Paper & Presentation
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