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AIM: To critically assess and compare UK’s current techniques with other solutions as well as make recommendations to manage the spread of plastics in the oceans.

Elaborate further on the general problem, importance of addressing it and aim of the work in your submitted research project, so that these are clear and directly set from the start (introduction).

This is a continuation of a previous report. You need to add to and expand on this research project. Existing project has 1220 words excluding references. The final project should be a written report of approximately 2,000 words in length.

Introduction, (The global and/or national situation relevant to the development) (RISK)
You should use in your report techniques such as soft systems techniques such CATWOE, rich pictures or systems maps, to look at the problem you are trying to explore. Explain your viewpoint on the technological innovation that you are researching and that of other stakeholders.

Legislation, (Relevant legislative and accordances for the development) (RESPONSIBILITY)
In this section you should look at the environmental legislation that is appropriate to the technological development you are researching and depending on your systems boundary include national, European and international legislation, where relevant. You will need to briefly explain what relevance the legislation has and give the appropriate references. Would public enquiries be involved?

Environmental impact, (the environmental impact of the development and possible mitigations) (RISK)
You need to look here at the environmental impact your selected technological solution would have. For this section you could use soft systems techniques such as an Environmental Impact Statement, environmental footprinting or NPVs to assess what environmental effect the technological development could have. (These could be positive or negative effects).

Stakeholders (Consideration of stake holder groups, their opinions and acceptance of mitigations) (RESPONSIBILITY)
In this section you could revisit your introduction to see what progress you have made in critically assessing the environmental risk of your technological development and who is responsible for this risk. This gives you the opportunity to explore other stakeholders in your technological development e.g. sea creatures/ fishermen for the Ocean Plastics. You could compare various other solutions here with techniques such as Kepner-Tregoe and explain how you interacted with other students etc.

You need to make some decisions here as how to proceed whether the technological development you originally selected should go ahead or whether there are better solutions for the environment.
You also need to make a comment about social learning and if it could be effective in the area you were researching.

More than 15 high quality references (Books and Journal Papers)

Research Report
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