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This assignment will require you to research a single resource available to people living in LA County. Students are required to create a presentation that will be shared with peers via Canvas. Students can use any medium they prefer including, but not limited to video, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. Students will upload the presentation or provide a link that is accessible to the instructor and class peers.

The resource identified can be offered for any kind of need such as food, homeless shelter, sobering center, mental health support, substance use program, financial support, crisis service, transportation assistance, syringe exchange, healthcare or insurance, legal support, disability related, veteran specific, etc. Once you locate a service/resource available you should gather as much information as you can. This can be done by reviewing the agency’s website, calling the agency to get more detailed information, and even walking into the agency if it’s open to get more information in person and get a sense of the location and vibe. Visiting or vetting an agency thoroughly BEFORE sharing it with a client is crucial. Sometimes a client may have anxiety or fear and sending them somewhere alone with no information to prepare will likely mean that there will not be a successful connection to the resource for the client.

Here are some of the search engines that you can use to start your search:

Please make sure to include the following information in your presentation:

Discuss your process, how the call went and how your interaction was with the worker (i.e. pleasant, rushed, etc.).
Describe the resource available. What is the purpose of the resource or what need does it meet?
Where can the client apply for this resource? And/or where can they go to receive this resource?
Does the client need to meet any eligibility criteria?
Is there a waitlist? What is the turnaround time to access services?
Is there an application/paperwork required? If so, include a copy with your presentation.
Is the client required to submit any documents or verification to apply?
Is the resource limited to the client (I.e. once per lifetime, monthly, unlimited access)?
Is it easy to get access to someone at the agency to get information about the resource? Is the agency responsive?
What might be some challenges to clients accessing this resource?
Please include any other pertinent information that might be applicable.

Resource Sharing Presentation
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