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This blogpost will have the topic of consumer culture. Make sure to read the two different readings first before writing the response. Since there are two readings and they are based on two different topics, try to use the IQANI reading. This one relates to consumer culture in the context of influencers.

– blog post should introduce the topic of the blog, explain the aims of the post and provide a short contextual summary of the subject under discussion.

– blog post should include an analysis of an example. Example must be original. Try to find someone (preferably an influencer) that has a big following on instagram and analyze their feed in accordance to the Iqani reading. 

– blog post should make specific reference to relevant academic literature.

– Key readings may be used, but there should be evidence of broader secondary research.

Your blog posts:

– Can include embedded images, video and links to content providing they are relevant to the post.

– Can repurpose content you have previously developed in a class assignment (e.g. a presentation or an asynchronous assignment) but *must* be your own original work and *must* show an intellectual development from that original assignment.

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