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Using your knowledge of color theory along with the principles of cosmetic application learned in this module, discuss the importance that shadowing and contouring has in the mortuary setting, regardless of the decedents age or sex.  Think of the different lighting scenarios a decedent might be exposed to;  under the lights at the funeral home with sunlight coming through the windows, under the lights at the funeral home at night when there is no natural sunlight, being brought into a church the next morning with different types of lighting etc, etc. 

Answer the Discussion board first then reply to two other people. Agree or disagree and why?

First person When it comes to the cosmetics portion of preparing a body for viewing for the family and friends is very much like the daily preperations for movie stars and models. Using the cosmetics to enhance certain facial features and blend away blimishes is necessary. We as embalmers try to creat as flawlish resemblence of the families loved one for viewing and last image remembrance. We just as make up artist to the movie stars and models try to cover up those imperfections and enhance the features that might possibly draw attention away from the imperfect areas. Embalmers also need to be aware of the lighing issues that might present themselves to ensure that the cosmetics are done correctly to ensure lighting doesn’t creat poor imaging. Just as models are in photo shoots the camera and lighting crew are constantly moving about trying to get the best angle and image.  Embalmers are chasing after the same goal too.  Typically in funeral home settings the lighting is very low and natural in color not the over head fluorescent lighting that is harsh and tends to not really be anyones friends when it comes to the looks department. Also, if the body is to be placed where outside lighting from windows will shine through then other precautions will need to be addressed too,  more shadowing or tinting may be used since certain lights effect the overall appearance.  Also, many funeral homes also have special lighting angled where the casket is placed for viewing which tend helps with the color appearance of the body too.

Second person Shadowing and contouring can be a great asset to your cosmetic skills. When we are applying cosmetics to a person for viewing, they are presented in a casket/ which is a position in which most people who are not very close to him have never seen. With shadowing and contouring we are able to create an illusion to hide flaws and unsightly angles. When cosmetics cannot achieve the ultimate goal many times you can use lighting to create the color and presentable finished product.  At my funeral home we often use lights to help achieve the correct hue for the persons natural skin tone.

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