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Jerome died as a result of a bad fall;  his face has some moderate bruising on the cheekbones, under the eyes and across the bridge of the nose.  Jerome loved tattoos and piercings, and had elaborate, distinguishing tattoos across his heck and on his face.  His family makes it clear to you that they want an open casket visitation but only if the tattoos he was so proud of can be seen.  Discuss your approach to this case.  Is such a request possible?  If so, discuss your cosmetic approach.
1.First person to respond to For the case of Jerome and his bad fall, the familys request to want to be able to visually see his tattoos can be done. Now, I have not personally touched up someones tattoos, but I have seen a tattoo artist come in and touch up the deceased persons tattoos. We placed makeup on the unmarked area with bruising and the tattoo artist just touched up the tattoo. According to an embalmer friend of mine, certain markings or tattoos can be touched up and restored with makeup that we carry. There is also brightener creams and lotions that can improve a tattoo or make older tattoos more vibrant. There temporary tattoo ink kits that can be used to help darken a tattoo or if a bruise goes over the tattoo, if needed. The request can be made possible. In my opinion, no is not an option.
2.Second person to respond to I am not a person who just loves tattoos so much that I would cover my whole body in tattoos. I do have 2 tattoos which probably will be all I get for rest of my life because Im not a fan of pain. In this case Jerome had a bad fall and his family knows how much the tattoos meant to him thats why they requested to make the tattoos visible. I believe that the tattoos can be made visible again once the embalmer finishes with the embalming process. The embalmer can touch up the tattoos by making the makeup as natural as possible or the family can have the tattoo artist to come in to the funeral home to touch up the tattoos. If this was my love one and they loved tattoos I would have the tattoo artist to come in and touch them up so there would be no issues. I have not seen this situation before in Funeral Home but I do know anything is possible whether its the embalmer or the tattoo artist that will touch up the tattoos.

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