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Write an approximately two page paper where you:
Identify the national statistics (5 years old or newer) associated with the issue
Describe the psychological effect on children and adults in the family
Describe the financial impact on the family
Describe the unique challenges associated with the issue
Identify two available resources for families facing this issue. Include information on how to locate the resources.
Identify the traits of resilient families you think families in this situation lack and explain why. Support your response with evidence from an outside source.
Identify one trait of resilient families you think could help families experiencing this problem.
Identify one activity the family could to that would strengthen this trait and help with the problem/issue.
Your paper should include quotes from at least two references.
Your paper should be approximately two pages in length and include an introduction and summary paragraph.

Note: To help you organize your paper, you MUST use a-h (1-8 above) as subheadings in your paper. No credit will be given if subheadings are not used.

Resources must be 5 years old or newer.

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