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Because the Midterm is an assessment of the course objectives for the first four weeks, you may only use the required readings and all in Lessons (Lectures), including the linked resources there.  No additional texts are permitted. There will be point reductions if you ignore this request. It means that you should carefully comb through the readings for the first four weeks to find facts that pertain to these questions. I am opening the Midterm earlier so that you can start reading and working on it.  Please be sure to answer all three questions.

The required length is 4 double-spaced pages in 12 pt. font, not including the References. Make sure to use the Turabian Reference Style with in-text citations and include a Reference List at the end of your essay. Please write complete sentences and pay attention to your grammar and sentence structure.

Submit your finished essay as a word document in the Assignment window under the Midterm folder. Label it yourlastnameMidterm.doc or yourlastnameMidterm.docx.  Answer all three questions!

Choose a terrorist group (other than al Qaeda and ISIL) from the course readings (Weeks 1-4), and describe it. Who are its key personnel? Why is this organization important?

In an assigned chapter, Hoffman asks an intriguing question: “Why with the exception of September 11, do terrorists generally seem to lack the rich imaginations of Hollywood movie producers, thriller writers, and others?” How would you answer it?

In an assigned chapter, Hoffman claims that terrorists don’t take civilians as hostages. What examples that break these rules does he list?

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