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For this assignment, you have to write the problem-solution essay you proposed in your Problem-Solution Essay Proposal assignment. Make sure you consider the feedback you received on the proposal before you start writing the essay.

Some points to consider as you are writing your essay:

You have to choose one specific problem related to one of the topics related to how language works discussed in class. Make sure you define and describe the problem.
You need to provide at least 1 solution to the problem.
You need to provide at least 2 supporting arguments to persuade your audience that this is an effective solution. You should provide evidence from a reliable published source to support each argument.
You will also have to include at least one possible objection to the solution and refute that objection or offer alternative solutions. Your refutation or alternative solution should also be supported by evidence from a reliable published source.
Make sure that the essay has an introduction, body, and conclusion.
In the introduction, make sure that you include a hook and a clear thesis that states the topic, purpose, and the controlling ideas
In the body paragraphs, make sure you have topic sentences, supporting details, evidence (which is clearly connected to the topic), and a concluding sentence
You need to use at least 3 reliable sources for this essay other than the ones we discussed in class. You can use the articles discussed in class, but you need to use at least 3 new ones, as well. Use the library resources in the Week 11 module for finding sources.
You must include paraphrased material with in-text citations and a references page
You cannot use quotations as evidence, you need to paraphrase all information from sources
Cite each piece of information from a source using correct APA style. For help with correct APA citations, you can use the textbook or the Purdue OWL: APA Formatting and Style Guide

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