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Culturally-Oriented Hotel Amenity and Service Design
If you are to stay at a hotel, what kinds of services do you expect? While your expectations can vary by what types of hotel you are staying at (e.g., luxurious amenities would be expected for high-end hotels), cultural backgrounds of guests can also influence their preferences, and thus hotel practices. In fact, an increasing number of hotel companies are taking guests cultural background into consideration. Culturally tailored services and amenities can be found in many hotels in the United States.

One particular market that has received increasing attention from the hotel industry is the Chinese tourist market. According to a Skift report (2016), Chinese tourists are projected to be the largest overseas tourist market to the United States by 2020. Hotels are re-designing their offerings to cater to Chinese travelers preferences and habits.

For example, in response to this trend, the Sheraton Boston in the Back Bay neighborhood has updated its in-room amenities to include slippers, instant noodles, an electric kettle, and green tea items that are welcomed by Chinese guests. Addition of Chinese breakfast foods such as congee is becoming a common practice in many hotels, including the A.C. Hotel in Chicago Downtown. Caesars in Las Vegas took a more aggressive initiative in order to accommodate their guests. They now offer a room booking and payment system on WeChat, the most widely utilized Chinese social media mobile application.

Think About This
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How does culture play an important role in shaping traveler needs and wants?
For hotels, why is it important for them to tailor their offerings based on guests cultural backgrounds?
What may be other areas that hotels can work on to better accommodate guests from different cultural backgrounds?
Is it possible for hospitality and tourism service providers to over-adapt and reduce the novelty value that many travelers may seek when they travel abroad?

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