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You are going to create a Journal in a WORD document. The Journal will have 10 entries over the semester.  Each entry piece should be 3/4 -1 page in length.

I will review your Journal at half term and the end of the semester.  Do each one in the week it is assigned as part of class activities.  Be prepared to share your Journal in class at any time.

You will keep the Word document.  Make sure to make a copy and update it weekly so it is not lost. Close to the end of term you will hand in the Journal for marking.  The Journal will contain your 10 Journal entries.

Journal Entry 1 – What do you want to achieve?

Go to the link …….watch the first video…then write a reflection in the journal.  Think about it where are you in your life?  What do you want?  How will you achieve it?


Have a look at the information in the links below and write a short reflection on how you view the use of technology to assist the selling process.

Journal Entry 2 – Importance of Listening and communicating 

The presenter is discussing the importance of listening in your personal and business life.   How would you rate your listening skills:

At home:

At school:

At work:

Review the above in some detail with examples (It is important)

You are given some ideas about how to improve your listening skills and demonstrate to the friend/client you are listening. What are they?

Are you ready to improve your listening skills? If yes, how will you do it?


In the second video there is a review of communication skills and why they are important. What are the six pillars?

What are your strengths?

Which pillars are areas of weakness in your communications?

What have been the consequences of your areas of weakness in your communications?

What strategies will you adopt to improve your areas of weakness in your communication skills?

Journal Entry 3 Exploring how to develop your use of Linked In

Choose one video and expand your knowledge


Report in your Journal the principles of what you have learned and how you might apply this to selling yourself.  Also reflect on how you might use the technique to prospect, identifying  new customers( for any product or service you might sell)

Journal Entry 4 – Customer value propositions.

It serves to summarize and repeat the concept we have been talking about in class.

Please write about your understanding (in your own words) of what you have learned.

Please take your learning and apply it to the creation of the sales dialog.

Think about the priority of your potential customers needs.  Think about how the value proposition will be reflected in the benefits section of your FAB chart, and of course in your final sales dialog

Journal 5 – CRM


Tell me why I should use a CRM package, in your own words!

What is it..what does it do?

Any special features I should be looking for?

Short Answer
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