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This assignment is a one-paragraph summary of the  Jeff Jacoby’s “Bring Back Flogging” (which is linked to just below). The  purpose of your summary is to capture a concise yet comprehensive  picture of the author’s argument for your reader who is not familiar  with the source; work hard at recreating the argument concisely yet  comprehensively in your own words.

  • Requirements:
  • Formatted to MLA Guidelines
  • One Paragraph
  • 200-250 words long (or 20-25% of the sources length)
  • Saved and posted as a DOC or DOCX file
  • Begin with a sentence that identifies     
    • the author by full name, the author’s credentials, the name of  the article/speech, the name of the publication, and the year the source  was published.
  • In every sentence following the first sentence, use attributive tags to attribute the ideas to the author:     
    • use the author’s last name or he/she
    • and use phrases such as “according to” and precise signal verbs.
  • Use transitions and other signposts to show the relationship  between the ideas, capturing the structure and flow of the source’s  ideas.
  • Use quotations sparingly, if at all.
  • Represent the source’s ideas accurately, fairly, objectively, and comprehensively yet concisely.
Short English 1301 Assignment (One-Paragraph
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