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You will be creating a well-constructed thesis that clearly states your point of view and why you believe it to be true.

Your introduction should be 6-8 sentences long, have an interesting hook, and give background about the issue of free college.

You will write three body paragraphs supporting your opinion using well detailed support from your own observations as well as our readings.

You will write one paragraph dedicated to the opposing argument. You must acknowledge opposition to your argument to properly defend your stance.

You will write one paragraph defending your opinion against the opposing argument.

Your conclusion should be 5-7 sentences that summarizes your argument briefly and provides implications of the future if your argument is carried out or not carried out.

This essay must be at least five pages longThis does not include your works cited.

Your essay must have a proper heading, title, 12pt Times New Roman font, double spaced with 1 margins.

Must reference
Free tuition? Not the same as Free college, Students Say by Carolyn Thompson
The case against free college by Matt Bruenig
Bernie Sander and Other Democrats by Michael Birnbaum
Democrats Free College Argument Explained by Matthew Yglesias

Should college be free?
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