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1. This chapter discusses the profession of medicine, how it is structured and where it is dominant. What areas of our health could benefit from LESS medical intervention? What should be regulating this instead?

For example. I think wellness and nutrition should be promoted rather than weight loss clinics. Less medicine, more education, more gardening, and more real food.

2. This week we will explore the profession of medicine as seen in physicians; in our last Db, we will investigate other health professionals.

“There are two kinds of practicing physicians in the United States: allopathicphysicians (MD’s) and osteopathic physicians (DO’s). Both are fully licensed physicians, trained in diagnosing and treating illnesses and disorders, and in providing preventive care.”

1. For your first post, compare and contrast how DOs and MDs are trained.

2. Then investigate Board certification and discuss how Board certification is important to patients.

[This is a lot of material; condense it down to brief paragraphs, or bullet points.]

Two Kinds of Physicians. (n.d.). Retrieved November 8, 2015 from Health Professions and Prelaw Center, Indiana University Bloomington

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