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(A direct copy and post of my professor’s instructions)

This is an essay format assessment.  Students should use a standard essay format which includes an introduction and conclusion paragraph.  An ideal response will be well organized, well argued, and well written.  Feel free to use and access any notes or original materials.

This essay addresses socialism.  Explain the role of class division (the capitalist and the proletariat) in Marxs socialism.  Include in your essay Marxs critique of capitalism; how does a capitalistic society exacerbate class divisions?; why is class division bad?

Finally, make an argument about why socialism has failed or succeeded.  You will want to discuss its fundamental premises and assumptions (are they valid) and think about its applications (was the plan actually carried out).  Is it a matter that socialism (in whatever form you want to address — Marxism, Leninism, nonMarxist socialism, market socialism, etc.) is fundamentally flawed, or is it that it just hasnt been done correctly?

                          Reference authors where appropriate.  No need to produce a works cited page.

(my additional instructions)

Make the final argument in FAVOR of socialism. I will provide sources you can use, that come directly from the course. Feel free to use other sources as well

p. 12-25, in the PDF, cover Marx

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