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A. Data collection method: State your data collection method (qualitative interview) and justify your selection of the method. Briefly discuss merits (and limitations) of using this particular data collection method. Use a method textbook or scholarly literature to support your argument.
b. Focus of Inquiry: Identify 3-5 areas your investigation will focus on. Justify your choices. Your areas of inquiry should correspond with a conceptual framework. What kind of information are you planning to obtain in order to address each focus of inquiry?
c. Interviewees: Who are your interviewees? What are your selection criteria (be as detailed as possible)? What is the sample size (general expectation is 10+) ? Justify your selection criteria.
d. Detailed Data Collection Plan: Describe your data collection plan in details when, where, and how are you going to conduct interviews? How are you going to recruit your interviewees? Any obstacles you might predict? How long will each interview be (general expectation one hour each) ? Which platform (e.g., Zoom, Skype) do you plan to use? All interviews need to be conducted virtually and audio- or video-recorded.
e. Time Table: Break down your data collection plan in multiple stages and create a detailed and realistic time table.

Socioeconomic status and nutrition
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