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This project asks you to contact or conduct online research to located ten (10) different organizations dealing with social issues, see if you can find any that directly or indirectly affects marriage and the family.  If not any 10 organizations will do.  They can be local, national or international.

Report the following information about the organizations you selected:  NOTE: (Please provide detail information, use complete sentences and watch your grammar and spelling). You can answer the questions in one or two paragraphs.  As long as you listed the full information for each organization, citations or a references page isnt necessary. The following information must be present for all ten (10) organizations in order to receive credit. 

a.    What is the name, address, website address and phone number of the organization? 

b.    Who started the organization? When and why? (Provide historical background information). 

c.    What issue (s) is the organization concerned with? 

d.    What is the organizations mission statement? And have the organization lived up to it? yes or no? why or why not?

e.    What is the organization doing to remedy the problem? 

f.    Is the group part of a larger organization, e.g., state or international? or both? 

g.    How successful has the organization been in reaching its goals in the past and present? And what is the outlook for the future?

h.    Is the organization on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or other social media outlets?  If yes, provide the social media information.

Sociological Organizations Research
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