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What is it like to live where you live? How would your life be different there if you were someone else? This task explores these questions by gathering data through fieldwork. This is important to understand because fieldwork is one of the main methods sociologists use to collect data and conduct fieldwork. Analyzing the data will provide practical experience of what it is like to work as a sociologist and view the world with sociological imagination.

Conduct the fieldwork, spending an hour in a public placea mall, a library, a bookstore, a church or synagogue, a school, etc.people watching. 

EDIT:  Many of us are unable to gather in public places due to social distancing policies . To complete this assignment you can use a movie, book, TV show,  social media, You-Tube or past experiences when you were people watching. 

Choose three people who are different from you and one another in key wayssomeone who differs in age, someone who differs in gender, and someone who differs in race. Write your essay on what it would be like to “be” them, and why where you live would be a good location for the proposed television drama. 

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