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1. Briefly summarize the social issue (problem) from your first essay (1 page). Do not refer to your former essay as in “In my last essay…”

Make sure to highlight the important aspects that you will address in the solution. (Do not make an announcement sentence: “This essay will…” Essays don’t do anything. Writer’s write.

2. Counter-Proposal:

Introduce a solution that has been tried to help eliminate the issue (3 pages or so).  For example, continuing on with my obesity topic, I could look at Michelle Obama’s plan, “Get Up and Move.”

Analyze the strength and weaknesses of the plan.  With Michelle’s plan, is she a good source? Does her plan have enough physical activity? Who makes sure to implement the plan? Is it effective? Have kids lost weight?

To what degree does it solve?

3. Propose a Solution (4 pages or so).

It makes sense logically that if the plan above does not completely solve the problem then more must be done. Propose your solution! Here you can use what you have read or come up with a complete new idea as long as it can be supported.

Make sure in your plan to answer these questions:

1. Will it work? Does it address the issue which you have stated in the intro?

2. How well? What is the feasibility?

3 What are the costs? What are the benefits? Remember that costs can consider other areas than money.

4. Is it a long term or short term plan?

Make sure to address which part of the problem a particular course of action addresses (Reason of problem + solution & reason/data)

You may use both problem stats and new data.  You may improve on other ideas already in existence or use analogous evidence.

4. Conclusion is a call to action. Rally your troops! Make your court closing.

Solution to Poverty
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