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Journal Reflections: Spiritual Disciplines Assignment

1.    Leaders in History:

Identify a leader in history that you would like to know more about. This could be a business leader, political leader, religious leader, military leader, or someone from another vein of leadership. After identifying this leader review some biographies and resources on their life and explain what you think makes them a leader worth following. (Note: if you are in a chaplaincy program, focus on identifying and reviewing the life and leadership of a chaplain with a ministry similar to your own.)

2.    Theology of Leadership:

How did the theology of Luther, Calvin, Edwards, and Bonhoeffer influence and impact their leadership? Be specific about what aspects of their theology encouraged them to lead. How does theology provide the foundation for biblical leadership?

3.    Theological Assessment:

What aspects of your understanding (or practice) of theology are weakest, and what can you do about it in the next twelve months?


Bonhoeffer on the Christian Life : From the Cross, for the World
***Chapters 4-9

Spiritual Disciplines
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