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I am applying to some prestigious master’s programs in the US, and I hope you could revise or rewrite my average personal statement into a paper that admission committees would love to see!

Some basic background:

I am an intl student, I went to a community college first, with a major in Chemical Engineering, and I was very miserable at that time, resulting in several F’s in my transcripts, and I got 2.38 GPA in the end.

When I transferred to a 4-yr uni, my major in the uni is Biochemistry, I turned it all around and got straight A’s except for one course : Organic Chemistry 1. I felt guilty for my past and I have been trying to make up for that, so I always pushed myself to get all A’s, so the first B grade in my current uni hurt my ego and I was diagnosed with depressive and anxiety disorder since then.

Because i got a B for Ochem1, I started to lose confidence in how well i could do in ochem, so my brain just shut down for OCHEM2, and got E grade (Failing incomplete) for this class first because I stopped going I am in the process of applying for a medical withdrawal for this course, and the following semester, I withdrew this class again. But in the third semester, I took it again and got an A.

I know Failing grades need good explanations but I don’t know what kind of explanations will be convincing and non-generic, I briefly explained in the first paragraph of SOP, but I think I need your professional help to revise/rewrite it. You don’t have to use all the information I have provided above, just pick whatever you think would be necessary to address in the SOP, and as for explanations, some details could be made up if my personal reasons aren’t convincing or are hard to write.

Besides, I really need your help in revising/rewriting/rephrasing this SOP into a professional, unique, and eye-catching one that could stand out!

Thank you!

Statement of Purpose
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