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Critical reflections on the strategic management of Allstate

1. Using publicly available information about a large firm of your choice (which can be integrated with few clearly stated assumptions where needed), write an overview of the firms competitive situation, current strategy, and any other characteristics that you will deem relevant to your analysis (about 500 to 800 words).

2.Then, applying the concepts, ideas and frameworks covered in the module, reflect on the firms strategy to answer in three separate paragraphs the following questions (about 2,200 to 2,500 words):
a. To what extent are the traditional concepts of industry, competitor, and sustained competitive advantage useful to understand the strategic options available to the firm today or in the near future? Does, or should, the firm embrace the competitive logic of technological platforms and business ecosystems? Discuss and substantiate your argument.
b. How could the firm achieve greater strategic agility? Specifically, which broad strategic objectives should it pursue? In answering these questions, you may want to compare and contrast traditional options of differentiation/cost/niche leadership with innovative strategies of platform and/or ecosystem leadership.
c. Which circumstances, factors and resources could support or hinder the attainment of greater strategic agility? Which role might specific aspects studied on the module play in the process? You may reflect, for example, on the role of technology, organisational culture, organizational structure, organizational behavior, trust, relationship management, leadership, and so on.

At least 25 appropriate reference from journal article, published report, and book.

strategic management of Allstate Insurance Company
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