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Submit a 2,500 word report based on the application of DMAIC to the hospital case study provided on-line in Canvas.
You will assume the role of a Yellow Belt assigned to the (fictitious) Riverside Hospital to help its Lean Six Sigma team address the hospitals problems. You are required to write a report for the Green and Black Belts (Module Tutors) detailing each stage of the project you select for improvement. You must focus on the problem of food. the delivery reheating, wastage etc…

You must write your assignment in a business report format that addresses the following five phases of DMAIC:
1. Define:
The business case for your selected project;
A project problem statement and an objective statement;
SIPOC map;
Pareto analysis
Application of Y = F (X) + E to the problem (identify your desired output and independent
Critical to quality variables for the customer;
Critical to quality variables for the hospital department.
A detailed House of Quality
2. Measure:
Value stream map for the selected problem;
DPMO and Sigma level calculations;
Process control charts;
3. Analyse:
Value, Business value and non-value added process steps;
A cause and effect diagram that identifies potential causes to the problem.
Why-Why and How-How analysis of the main cause of the problem;
Using appropriate data construct a Scatter Diagram and investigate any possible
Provide Analysis on the control chart.
Conduct an FMEA.
4. Improve:
Redraw the improved value-stream for the food delivery process;
Calculate the new cycle time and savings;
  Liverpool John Moores University
Page 8
Suggest further improvements to the processes that could help improve the problem situation even more.
5. Control: Identify measures that you can take to ensure that the potential improvements recognised are achieved in reality and those improvements maintained.
Your report should also include an Executive Summary, Introduction and a Recommendation section. The remaining marks are awarded for the overall quality of communication and use of sources (References and Bibliography). Use Harvard Referencing.

Advice on the Structure
The structure and indicative content of the report is to use the following main sections:
– Title Page – ID number, title of the report, date and word count.
– Table of Contents – List of main section headings, sub-headings and page numbers.
– Introduction Give an outline profile of the case study organisation.
– DMAIC. Each phase to be discussed within the report. Refer to checklist above.
– Recommendation The final section of the report is to bring a focus to the broad analysis that you have conducted and make one specific strategic recommendation to the specific department that you feel would make a significant difference to its performance. Your discussion in this section should define what the recommendation is, and then evaluate its potential impact, specific benefits, risks and implications for the department. This will be based on the FMEA conducted in the Analysis phase.
– References – A full listing of all academic citations and other sources of information, presented in the Harvard system of referencing.
– Bibliography A full listing of all materials read during the course of this project (exclude those you have referenced).
– Appendices – Additional pages in support of information detailed within the main text of the report.
Your report MUST make use of the recommended reading of the subject (both textbooks and academic journals).
Full reference details must be included in respect to the academic literature and all other sources of information used (reference to and use of material from such sites as Wikipedia are NOT acceptable).
This business management report should use an appropriate and professional style with a coherent structure, logic and connected line of analysis, evaluation and reasoning.

Submit a 2,500 word report based on the application of DMAIC to the hospital case study provided on-line in Canvas.
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