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All 5 questions must be answered in length.
All questions must be referenced with the case study attached using the knowledge from the textbook Abadinsky, Howard (2014), Drug Use and Abuse 9th edition, Belmont, CA; Wadsworth-Cengage

What primary drug strategy did both Lee Brown and Barry McCaffrey pursue and what was their primary hurdle in executing it? Why?

The 1994 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse indicated an almost 100% increase in marijuana use among youths ages 12-17. How did this derail Browns plans?

How did McCaffreys experience with drug abuse by army soldiers shape his national strategy?

How did McCaffreys strategy differ significantly from Browns?

Your answers were so convincing that you have been asked to apply for the job as the next drug czar. What would your strategy be? Please support your strategy with what you have learned throughout this course. 

When General Barry McCaffrey, a decorated war hero, agrees to take command of the U.S. office of National Drug Control Policy, he encounters an office in such disarray that some in Congress doubt whether it should continue to exist. He boasts strong support from the White House-itself desperate to have the political credibility of a stern military man to bolster its much-criticized previous anti-drug efforts. But McCaffrey faces daunting challenges. With little direct authority over anti-drug programs, the nation’s so-called “drug czar” must decide whether to emphasize treatment, prevention or interdiction, at the same time deciding how best to restore the luster of an ineffective and inefficient office.

Substance abuse and criminal justice
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