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Topic: This is an essay about surveillance in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Your paper:
Will identify and analyze the role of surveillance during the pandemic, with specific examples drawn from 10 distinct research-based sources (journalistic and/or academic; find sources that are based on investigative methods of good journalism or academic research).

You must discuss:
1. Pros and Cons of surveillance in the pandemic
2. Any controversies surrounding the uses of surveillance in the pandemic, such as profiteering, or opportunistic attempts to use the pandemic as an excuse for surveillance not directed at public health concerns.
3.Your analysis should conclude with your position on the limits and possibilities of public health surveillance.

Source minimum: 10 distinct sources. Please note: you may use one of the 10 sources multiple times, but you cant count those additional uses as one of the 10 distinct sources. So, the minimum is 10 distinct sources, any of which might be cited more than once. Cite sources in the text (MLA or APA style) and include full citations of sources in a bibliography (MLA or APA style).

Page minimum: 8 pages of text (not 7 plus two sentences on a 8th page!) plus the bibliography; double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font.

Surveillance in the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic
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