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It’s 4 different blog on 4 different subject, each needs to be 400 words. I gave you all the instruction in the link documents.

Blog 1 : CSR sustainability

Pick a small company with which you are familiar

Family business
Local restaurant or cafe
Local grocery store
Car rental
Last mile delivery service
and determine which kinds of social sustainability indicators would be appropriate to measure; why the company should choose to report on these indicators as opposed to others; and how they would organise their continuous monitoring

Two paragraphs should also be written about which indicators your company may chose not to monitor, and why not

Blog 2 :

Choose one of the companies below and take ca. 20 minutes to do an online search of different articles speaking to the kinds of misbehaviour referenced in the list below.

Then answer the following questions:

What caused the company’s misbehaviour?

How justifiable were/are the company’s behaviour?

What are the factors determining whether the misbehaviour is likely to re-occur or not?

Airbus, Siemens, Halliburton, Walmart (in Mexico),  GlaxoSmithKline (in China)

Payment of bribes (2000s-2010s)

Google, Amazon, Starbucks

Tax avoidance (2010s)

Blog 3 : Amazon dams activity

Start by reading the four brief articles associated with this activity. There are different points of view regarding the sustainability of Brazil’s Amazon dam building efforts, including the economic interests of developing Brazil’s hydroelectricity capacities; jobs building the dams; the destruction of local indigenous people’s living environment; and the dams’ environmental footprint.

After the reading, write a few paragraphs expressing your opinion whether the Brazilian government is right to pursue this Amazon dam-building activity or not. Try to speak to the different point of views involved, with special emphasis on weighing the social sustainability effects vs. the environmental sustainability effects. Then take some time to read and respond to fellow students’ thoughts on this case study

Blog 4 : Labour practices debate

Start this exercise by reading these three recent articles – it should take you no more than 10-12 minutes. The impression they give is that companies are infringing far too often on workers’ rights, relating in these articles to overtime payments, safety at work post-Covid and gender discrimination. Reflect upon this point of view and whether it matches your impressions of the way most companies treat their workforce. Write up your thoughts and justify them in a few paragraphs.

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