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Due Date: Week 5

The story of Easter Island is often used as a metaphor for global development. The irrational consumption and over utilization of natural resources led to social and environmental problems for the inhabitants of Easter Island. The Earth, like Easter Island, has limited resources to support human activities and demands on nature.

For this assignment, write a response to the ideas expressed in the final paragraphs of The Lessons of Easter Island by Clive Pointing. Reflect on the concepts of sustainability and our present-day practices around the use of earths resources, and consider the following questions:

1. Have modern societies been more successful than the Easter Islanders in living in a way that does not exhaust the limited available natural resources?
2. How has the environment of the world shaped human history, and how have people shaped and altered the planet in which they live?
3. Have other societies fallen into the same trap as the islanders?

2 3 pages long, typed, and double-spaced
Include a clear introduction to the concepts of sustainability
In your introduction paragraph, include a purpose statement that clearly presents your ideas and opinions on Easter Island as a metaphor for global development. (Be sure to underline or bold your statement so it is easily identified by the reader.)
Use 3 secondary sources to support your ideas/opinions with examples and supporting details.
Include a reference list of your sources and use proper in-text citations.

Sustainability Essay
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