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For this paper, each student will propose a sustainability improvement project at their potential first employer after graduation from college, considering your first choice of career and job. Specifically, your paper should cover the following elements:

Assume you were offered your dreamed job at your top choice employer, and you were given the opportunity to propose a sustainability improvement project at your company. Research information about the current practices and operations at this company and identify opportunities for sustainability improvement.
Formulate a sustainability improvement project at your company and identify the needed resources to carry out the project. You can choose to propose something completely new, or improve upon the current operations/practices at the company.
Outline a plan on how you would accomplish the goals set out in this project with your new team. Keep in mind that you will be working with a team of people and need buy-ins and support from others.
Describe in details the potential impacts of your project outcomes, considering both positive and negative aspects. Make sure you address the environmental, social and economic impacts of your project outcomes. Propose ways to minimize/address any negative impacts.
Use convincing arguments and accurate evidence to explain why your boss and new employer should fund you to carry out this project at the company.
The paper is expected to be approximately two pages in length (single space). You may add some visual aids to help support and enhance your proposal; however, the quality of text contents should not be compromised or replaced by these visual aids. Any referenced or quoted information should be properly cited in the paper. Plagiarism is never allowed and would result in a failing grade for the assignment.

Sustainability Improvement
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