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This module discusses the problems with suburban sprawl and the merits of smart growth policies and new urbanism priniciples, which include higher density development, mixed-used, walkable places. For this assignment, I’d like you to reflect on the places that you have live or visited thinking of the module content. Think about the following questions as you prepare to write your reflection:

How do your experiences living in communities that are either suburban/low-density or higher density/walkable compare to the content in this module? For example, if you grew up in a suburb – how does your experience compare with the problems identified in the book chapter? If you have lived in a higher density, walkable place, was your experience consistent with the content in the module?
How are your preferences for higher or lower density development shaped by your experience living or visiting places?
At a time when we are living with a pandemic and asked to maintain social distancing, how does living in a higher or lower density community affect quality of life?
Write a 1 1/2 -2 page, double-spaced reflection paper using the questions above as suggested prompts. You do not need to respond to all questions and are free to reflect on some other aspect related to the content and your experiences with places.

Sustainable Housing
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