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Select a public air carrier. Look up their Annual Report (also called Form 10-K filing).  Using this information, you will perform a SWOT analysis of your selected company.  A SWOT analysis includes an in-depth analysis of internal strengths and weaknesses, based on the characteristics of the company.  This may include business model, cost structure, route structure, capitalization, location, customer base, and other factors.  A SWOT analysis also includes an assessment of external opportunities and threats, based on an evaluation of characteristics of the environment in which the company is doing business.  These may include new potential markets, market factors, competition, economic conditions, cost of resources, recent events, reputation, regulatory actions, and other factors.

Begin by providing a basic overview of the company. Briefly describe:

The companys business model: carrier type (major feeder, commuter, cargo, etc) what customer base they serve, region or nations (if applicable), route structure (point to point or direct).
Review the companys economic factors:
Profitability? (net income)
Positive or negative cash flow?
Operating revenue trends, operating expense trends?
Assets vs. liabilities?
Load factors?
Debt/debt trends (long-term debt, capital leases, etc)? (able to meet interest payment obligations?)
New initiatives/strategy (if applicable)

For the SWOT analysis internal factors, consider the following:

Fuel hedging programs
Fares, rates, & fees
Frequent Flyer Programs
Employee/Labor relations (Collective bargaining, strikes, unionization)
Fleet (general typeswide body, narrow body, RJ, etc? owned, leased (capital or operating), pending manufacturer delivery? new/old? efficient/inefficient?
Company legal issues (if applicable)
Other factors, as applicable

For SWOT external factors, consider the following:

Costs: fuel, labor, aircraft, etc
Regulatory issues
Economic issues
Customer demand
Industry issues
Recent applicable current events (positive or negative)
Other factors, as applicable
Project Requirements:
5-7 pages (excluding cover page & references), double spaced, 12-point font size, Times New Roman or Arial font type, APA formatted with proper citations

SWOT Analysis
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