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SWOT Analysis

Determining when to develop a system in-house or to purchase a COTS system is not always clear. A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis brings the strengths and opportunities to a focus point and highlights the threats and weaknesses so an informed decision can be made. This analysis is often completed by the stakeholders, including the business analyst.

Perform a SWOT analysis of buy versus build for your chosen system. You may use any Microsoft program to create the SWOT analysis.

Use your SWOT analysis to create a guide for managers at Phoenix Fine Electronics to help determine if the business should build or buy a system. Incorporate feedback from the sourcing plan you created last week. As a guideline, this type of guide should be at least 6 pages in length with written descriptions, charts, and outlines.  

  • Your guide should do the      following:  
  • List various steps needed to      purchase or develop a system in-house  
  • Discuss budget      considerations  
  • Discuss staffing      considerations  
  • Discuss time      considerations  
  • Identify risks  
  • Contain a maintenance      plan  
  • Contain at least two      references  
  • Contain charts or      outlines  

Submit your assignment. 

SWOT Analysis- IS Integration
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