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This week, the focus of our discussion will be the Expert Content which is a talk given by Sherry Turkle titled Connected, But Alone.

For your response and to contribute to our discussion, please respond to one of the following prompts:

1.  Identify 2 quotes that were of interest to you.  Share the quotes in your response and talk about why they were interesting to you and how they relate to your life, communication, and/ or the important interpersonal relationships in your life.*

2.  Connect two of Ms. Turkles ideas to 2 concepts from the chapter.  Identify her ideas and the concepts and clearly explain the connection.*

3.  Identify 2 quotes that represent something you learned from the talk.  Explain how you understand the quotes and explain how you will use this information going forward.*

To meet the assignment requirements:

*For this question, write approximately 7 – 10 sentences for each quote you identify.  Within each of those paragraphs:

Use 1 2 specific, current example from your own communication or something you observed in other peoples communication that relates to our work for the week

Ted Talk
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