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The final paper is a culmination of the seminar work and involves an analysis of the intersectional perspective and  its application to an empirical issue. 

The research paper will focus on a theme related to gender intersectionality  and is divided into three assignments  which also compose the basis of the research paper. Each part will be submitted separately for recommendations by me, and then included in the final paper itself. 

Outlines for each section of the paper are provided under the reading section of blackboard.

(a) research proposal/introduction: description of research theme and how it relates to the intersectional approach

(b) an outline including an annotated bibliography. This outline will  provide 3-5 themes for  supporting evidence.  This supporting evidence will form the body of the  the paper

(c) conclusion and  social policy recommendations. 


Students will be assessed for their critical thinking and writing skills including clarity of exposition, correct grammar and spelling, following assignment format and requirements. Consideration will also be given to originality and critical approaches. The reference section should follow APA or MLA reference format, consistent throughout all the references.

The final paper should be stapled, double-spaced, typed, spell checked, and pages numbered. It is important that you show your understanding of the material in a well written paper. Seek assistance in proof-reading for the paper before handing it in to increase the likelihood of obtaining a better grade.

The Meaning of Gender in Native American Communities and Indigenous Environments
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