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The paper will be based on my three premises  as follows in order
Premises( 1)Relationship between crime news exposure and crime perceptions is influenced by what the media choose to include or exclude when reporting these crimes
Premises(2.) Crime showed on television may trigger individuals to commit the same crime at other times as seen on television thereby re-enforcing violent behaviors
Premises.(3) How the public views crime may lead to racial or ethical discrimination.
Paper Outline
1. These premises are the reasons why your argument is the right side to believe and should answer the statement because…  For my example in the Overview for the argument America Does Run on Dunkin, someone could say why and my 3 premises are because (Premise 1), because (Premise 2), and because (Premise 3).

2. The Premises must be written as statements that will then be placed directly in your term paper. Each premise should be a sentence that you can start a section of the paper with and then spend the next few paragraphs of the paper writing about the why the premise is true.

The media should be restricted when reporting violent crime
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