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The philosophy of education, APA style paper specifications: a minimum of four full pages in length (please do not do three and a half) double spaced with standard one-inch margins. You are required to use a minimum of two outside education journals as sources, please use direct citations and quotes in the essay and please include their links/specifications at the end of the essay. Only use times new roman and 12 font size.
Your choice of major or area of concentration is represented by a subject area or professional organization (MINE IS MIDDLE SCHOOL SPECIAL EDUCATION), each organization publishes one or more journals that contain articles on important issues and developments in your field.
When you refer to the journals, choose articles that provide information mainly about curriculum or pedagogy.
What content is crucial?
How should content be presented or organized?
How will you teach?
What approaches or methods might you use?
How will you involve your students in the actual learning process?
In other words, look for information about what you will teach, how you might teach it and why it is important. Present the interesting information you find in the articles in some way that supports your personal philosophy of education.
Think about your experiences as a student and any teaching experiences you may have. Consider the qualities you admire in teachers. Think about the teacher you would like to be.
Your personal philosophy is what you believe about the purpose of education. Elbert and Cuyler ask what are it that you hope to accomplish as a teacher? What will be accomplished because you became an educator and why is it important?
The above questions address elements that will relate to your philosophy of education. How you answer them should reflect your philosophy, your purpose in educating students.

Please ALSO touch on the following topics in your essay:
How should learning be measure or evaluated?
How should progress be communicated to parents or guardians?

Classroom management
How do you expect your students to behave?
How will you behave as the leader and role model in the classroom?

What responsibilities do you expect from your students regarding their own learning experiences?
Parents or guardians?
What commitments do you expect parents to make to their childrens education?

You, the teacher
What is your commitment and responsibility to:
Your students, parents/guardians, your colleagues, the community?
What qualities do you possess that will make you an effective teacher?
How are you unique? What is your passion?
What are your special characteristics?
What is your mission?

The philosophy of education
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