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you will begin your Rhetorical Analysis.  To complete this properly, you will need to think about (reflect on) the Narrative you’ve written.  Your main goal with this reflection is to examine and explain decisions that you made when writing this story.

Things you may want to consider include:

What moved you to write the Narrative you chose to write?  Why did you feel like readers would benefit from hearing this story? (Remember: we are thinking about our writing beyond the basic confines of the classroom).

What specific decisions did you make in your writing to reach your audience and/or achieve your purpose? For any decision you discuss, you should refer to specific words/sentences from your Narrative.  Quote yourself.  Talk about why you used one word instead of another, why you formatted a certain way, why you started with one scene and not another, why you chose to use dialogue instead of paraphrasing, etc.  Look at the small, specific decisions and use examples to explain your mindset.

What constraints did you face as a writer?  What rules/factors affected the way you wrote this piece?  This part might focus on the academic requirements – would the story have been longer if it was allowed?  Would you have tried to make your point in a different genre if Narrative wasn’t required? 

What changes did you focus on during Revision?  What changed between the 1st Draft and this Final Draft?

Note: I have written the narrative essay
already, I just want you to write two paragraphs answering the above question from the narrative I wrote, I have attached the narrative

Secondly I also attached a example of how I want you to write the reflection

Those are my audience: my audience is young immigrant student who moved from a country without no English I wanna motivate them

Thirdly please write it with easy English words dont use too strong words.

My narrative essay is the one titled with English as second language

And the example one starts  with my Audience.

Please follow all the directions please and if youre confused about anything reach me out please

Important note please: the first 3 attached pictures are the narrative essay that I want you too reflect from. And the rest 4 are the example how I want you to consider when u write the essay its just a expample

the reflection
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