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the role of the research is to
-Apply administrative law principles and values in different legal orders-Evaluate the role of the institutions of the state in the contemporary political and socio-economic environment -Generate research through comparative analysis by mastering a comparative and social scientific perspective to administrative law and institutions

General literature:-John S. Bell, Comparative Administrative Law, inOXFORD HANDBOOK OF COMPARATIVE LAW(Mathias Reimann & Reinhard Zimmermann eds.,Oxford: OUP2006)-FrancescaBignami, Comparative Administrative Law, inCAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO COMPARATIVE LAW145 (Mauro Bussani & Ugo Mattei eds., Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012)-SUSAN ROSE-ACKERMAN,PETER LINDSETH &BLAKE EMERSON(eds.),COMPARATIVE ADMINISTRATIVE LAW(2nded., Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 2017 (abbreviation: SRA&PL)Literature on methodology:-RalfMichaels, Comparative Law by Numbers? Legal Origins Thesis, Doing Businesses Reports, and the Silence of Traditional Comparative Law,57 AMERICAN JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE LAW765 (2009)Electronic sources:-Cambridge: Law School: Law School:

The Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in administrative law
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