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Now regarding assessments, I want to provide you all with the Learning Community discussion scenario for this week, Module 1.   

In this first discussion problem, I would like you to share a recent ethical dilemma you encountered at work or within your life experiences. I have found that reflecting on personal experience is often valuable to the discussion of how ethics theory can change your perspective of a situation. For this activity, consider a recent time when you have struggled with an ethical dilemma. In your post, please include these elements:

– Tell us your approach to the ethical dilemma. What were you considering as the event unfolded? What was most important to you?

– Based on your description of your approach, identify which ethical theory best matches your approach. The ethics theories you should/can consider are:
    – Utilitarian Theory
    – Virtue Theory
    – Duty Theory
    – Divine Command Theory

– Choose another theory that takes a different view and reevaluate the situation by applying this theory.

– How does each theory create a different perspective of the situation, and what impact does this have on your decision? Does one theory work better to identify the right answer?

Be creative in your responses. Have fun with this first problem.  If you have questions about this discussion problem, please let me know.

I see also we’re going on 13 minutes for this audio, please excuse me.  Generally, my weekly messages will not be 13 minutes or anywhere close to that.  I’m hoping to shoot for five minutes but as you can see sometimes I get a little bit carried away but maybe that’s OK because the more information that I provide the better it is for you all.

Let me end things by again welcoming you all to the course and to remind you that if there’s any questions, thoughts, or concerns along the way please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to champion work from each and every one of you.  Have a good first week.  All the best.

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