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Introduction: here you should include the basic information of what are you doing like an abstract
Microbial ID:
Physical characteristics:  — Should include the descriptions of all physical characteristics: Gram stain, presence of endospore (type and position), capsule, flagella (as appropriate to your microbe), motility and O2 requirements.
Biochemical profile: Here you should explain the reason for preforming the different chemical tests, how did they help you to separate your culprit from the other possible ones  (explanation from your plan of action.)
NOTE:  DO NOT DESCRIBE TEST PROCEDURES, just the name of the test (or what enzyme are you testing for) and how this result separate your culprit from other possibilities.
Complete the culture and identification report data sheet
Results: here you should have a written analysis of your results.
Results should be read directly from your culture and identification report data sheet (attached).  Make sure you include a clean copy of the report with your paper. —  do not re-write this (you may copy it exactly as given to you or) just attach the one provided to you.
Conclusion proven the ID of your unknown and compare it to the actual description of the microbe (your unknown)  from a reliable source preferable from Bergeys manual; make sure to site the reference.
References At least ten references, which may include your textbook, must be used. —  You must have in-text references as well as a complete list of references at the end of the paper.

unknown identification
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