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U.S. District Court Judge Shira Scheindin ruled that the NYPD violated the Stop and Frisk standard established in Terry v. Ohio in its attempts to stem gun-related violence. The high percentage of African Americans and Latinos stopped led to accusations of racial bias. NYC Mayor Michael Bloombert and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly quickly and publically defended the police departments actions claiming that the stops save lives, especially in communities disporportionately affected by crime, and especially among young men of color who last year represented 90 percent of murder victims and 96 percent of shooting victims in NYC.

For this assignment, conduct a comprehensive analysis of Stop and Frisk. In your analysis, examine carefully the intent and parameters of officers use of Stop and Frisk. based on the Terry decision. Further examine and compare the NYPDs application and arguments related to reduced crime and killings. 

Also, consider what the text and readings provide in ideas about how this situation may have been handled better. What could the NYPD have done differently that would have engendered the support of citizens, especially in the affected community? What best practices in policing could have resulted in community support as well as increased officer accountability.

Use information from the text and independent research for your topics. You should include at least 3 outside sources.

Use of Stop and Frisk based on Terry v. Ohio Decision
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