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First, watch the one-hour documentary video, Of God and Caesar (Links to an external site.), in its entirety. (This is the sixth and final episode in the PBS Frontline series, God in America (Links to an external site.).)

Second, post your carefully considered response to the following prompt in a paragraph of at least 6 sentences:

Continuing the video discussion from last week, consider a person or event from this video, and describe how, in your view, they/it either did or did not maintain a healthy balance between Christian faith and political endeavors. Use specific details from the video as evidence of your position.

Finally, thoughtfully read and engage at least 2 of your colleagues’ responses with a substantive reply of at least 4 sentences each. Each reply needs to answer this question: Do you agree with your colleague’s assessment of the person or event they chose? If you do agree, provide additional specific evidence that further supports their assessment from the video and/or readings. If you do not agree, charitably explain why you differ and support your own view with specific evidence from the video and/or readings.

Video Discussion: Faith & the Public Square
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