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Please when writing your assignments follow this format:
Title page The following should appear on your title page (Not counted)
    Institution and Department
    Title of your topic/subject
    ID & names of the group
    Date the paper was written
    Date the paper was submitted to the instructor
1.    Introduction (starts at page 1)
    Briefly introduce the main points of your essay/subject (1 paragraph)
    State the objective of your paper ( 2-3 sentences)
2.    Description (5 Body paragraphs)
Paragraph 1:
    Set the scene and provide factual details.
Paragraph 2:
    Provide additional sensory details, description, and  experience.
    Show exhibits including activities therein.

Paragraph 3:
    Provide additional supporting details on evidences expressed in paragraph 2.
          Paragraph 4:
    Provide argument for and against the information you provided on paragraph 3.
          Paragraph 5:
    Explain the relationship between paragraph 4 and 5 to provide the readers with the clear sense of your essay.
    Provide detailed information about the implication of your essay to your profession.
    Shorten your paper with an overview of the main argument; highlight the importance of your paper and conclusion.
          References: List all the references on a separate page

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